We partner with our clients to improve corporate performance through accelerating exceptional leadership capabilities. CBA’s core belief is that coaching and leadership development is done in the context of “real work”, and our consultants add capabilities that come from their years of experience working in corporate business functions.

We work with key executives around major initiatives to share what we know on the functional side and the leadership side. We engage actively with senior leaders to solve day-to-day problems.


Corporate Governance

We assist CEO’s, board chairs, CFO’s , board governance committees and other advisers working with them in reviewing board practices, roles and responsibilities. We also assist in determining ways to strengthen the performance of individual members, specific committees, and the board as a whole. We regularly attend board meetings, conduct interviews of board members, review and suggest changes in member selection and director assessment practices.  We are often asked to consider better ways for board members to keep current on all aspects of the enterprise in such a way that they will be adequately informed and better able to fulfill their corporate responsibilities.  We have been called upon to assist in matters related to the selection process for succession in the CEO search including advice and counsel as to how to manage the external search firms being used.  We work with corporate leadership in the definition of the division of roles and responsibilities between the board and management.  We also are called upon to assist in the design of board retreats and often play a facilitation role in the retreats themselves.

Fractional C-Suite Services

Early-stage companies may not have the resources to scale their business and/or execute growth initiatives. Anticipating the next market need and shifting to meet it while expanding internal processes and capabilities is a lot to ask of a company in its early stages. Our Fractional C-Suite leadership practice leverages our highly experienced cadre of senior-level consultants to fill leadership gaps in your business in a part-time capacity. They can fill all kinds of roles such as CEO, CMO, COO, and more. Most important, they promise faster results, a fresh perspective, and a real, tangible return on investment.

The fractional executive works on a contract basis. The concept is an effective way to grow and scale your business without the significant financial commitment, i.e., full-time salary, benefits, equity compensation package, and inherent risk associated with bringing on a full-time C-level person.

What to expect from our Fractional Executives            

Laser Focus

Our Fractional Executives know that they must deliver tangible results faster than many of their permanent colleagues. Their primary objectives are to focus on the company’s immediate priorities and implement practical steps that lead to success. To this end, we will talk to everyone in the company, across all hierarchal levels, to understand the pulse of what works and what doesn’t.


Our Fractional Executives have prior experience as full-time operating executives and have met challenging situations that many founders may not have had practical exposure to. In many instances, they have run their own businesses that were built from the ground up. This gives them both in-depth vertical knowledge as well as a wider understanding of cross-functional complexities.


At the same time, they’re able to impact the organization by surfacing hard-hitting truths that a conventional executive may have a hard time admitting. Because of their no-nonsense approach to goals, fractional managers are candid, to the point, and not as sensitive to office politics.

Trusted Advisor

By participating directly in the company, the fractional executive gains insights and builds relationships that may be of benefit to the company on a long-term basis.

Leadership alignment

CBA partners work with our clients to improve corporate performance through accelerating exceptional leadership capabilities individually and collectively. By aligning those executives responsible for strategy execution with the organization’s vision, we can help determine the leadership capabilities needed to drive the strategy and deliver on the organization’s commitments.

Strategy Alignment

CBA provides the senior leadership team with the process and tools to help clarify the organization’s business direction, operationalize execution, and define the necessary changes to achieve business results. These changes include modifications in roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and interdependencies. CBA consultants conduct skip level interviews and data review to find out how much of the key messages and strategic direction are understood, embraced and acted on by the organization’s leadership.

Leadership & Management Coaching

CBA provides advice, counsel and coaching to line executives on a broad range of business and leadership related topics – acting as trusted advisors with the sole purpose of enabling the executive’s continuing success. Our process enables senior leaders to apply coaching skills as leaders of leaders, resolve conflicts and to maximize their individual (and their teams) performance toward improved business results.

Executive Coaching to CEO’s, CFO’s, Group Executives, Division Presidents and LOB Heads

CBA’s C-suite executive coaching services provide confidential advice, counsel and coaching to enterprise leaders in an environment free of any concern but for the continuing success of the leader.

Executive/Leader Assessment

CBA’s Executive/Leader assessment provides the organization with an understanding of a particular leader’s strengths, potential derailment factors and ability to lead in the current environment. In addition, our interpretation and consultation around the aggregated assessment data will raise the executive’s awareness of their effectiveness as a leader in the organization for which they are responsible.

Advisory services

We help organizations prepare for and implement initiatives to move firms from the entrepreneurial stage to a more professionally managed organization. Initiatives such as refocusing vision and strategy, addressing governance matters, short, medium and long term financial incentive refinements are typical assignments. Preparing for next stage financing, exploring buy vs. build options, and making acquisitions are also examples of our advisory work. In cases where clients require an interim CFO as they transition to their next stage of growth, CBA can provide experienced financial professionals able to support the enterprise with key financial information and operational analytics on a short or medium term basis.

Working and coordinating closely with attorneys in a corporate setting is a unique CBA service. While CBA does not provide legal advice, its advisers have in-depth experience working with lawyers and consulting on a myriad of legal issues – from litigation to financing to mergers and acquisitions.

Building Market-Facing Effectiveness

In general terms, little is understood about what makes an organization’s go-to-market practices effective. By using a research based approach that defines and categorizes the many factors that contribute to an effective sales and marketing organization, CBA offers companies tools for diagnosing an ailing sales and marketing function and pinpointing corrective steps for management.

Customer Fresh Eyes Reviews

Decades ago, Peter Drucker instructed us that “what the customer thinks he is buying, what he considers of value is decisive”. Engaging in objective and open conversation with your clients focused on the value your services create as well as identifying areas for enhancing the relationship in the future, signals to clients that your organization is truly focused on their business. CBA will partner with you to design the review questions and process, conduct the one on one interviews as a neutral third party, and produce a written report high lighting opportunities for increased client focus and revenue generation.

Building High Performing Senior Teams

CBA provides the Senior Leadership Team with the necessary tools and consulting expertise to create a high performing team able to execute strategy and deliver on their value proposition.

High Value Initiatives

In the context of real work, business initiatives can cross all areas of an enterprise addressing challenges and opportunities that can significantly impact short and long term business results. CBA can assess and recommend enhancements to the leadership capabilities necessary to drive the desired results of these initiatives.

Client Facing Team Advisory Services

Our services provide client facing executives and their teams with tools and processes to ensure that the team is empowered with a singular focus on the client relationship and on alignment with the clients’ strategic objectives and measurements. CBA assists client facing teams in developing a relationship vision and objective measures for managing the client, thereby building the foundation for effective delivery of services, and partnering with clients in new and innovative ways.

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Services

Today, literally everyone and every business is on-line and marketing doesn’t just encompass e-commerce apps and websites but also social platforms. In this new environment, digital marketing allows you to connect with many types of audiences and groups across the world. Today’s consumer behavior has helped break the boundaries of language, demographic and geography.

CBA can provide hands-on experience creating digital marketing strategies, leveraging social media channels for lead generation, and building online communities. We help companies of all sizes from small businesses and startups to Fortune 100 firms establish or refine their marketing strategies, identify their buyer personas, and reach their business goals. Here are examples of our capabilities:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • e-Commerce Design & Set-up
  • Email Marketing
  • Website & Blog Design and Development
  • Content Planning (Social & Blog)
  • Social Media/Campaign Management
  • Social Selling/Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation: Setup & Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Advertising Strategies
  • Mobile Business Marketing
Family Business Consulting

Family businesses present very unique challenges.  CBA engagements have encompassed succession planning, coaching of candidates from the next generation to succeed in leadership, governance and the distribution of ownership as well as roles and responsibilities of key family and non-family members.

A key characteristic of CBA consulting is our team approach.  We have specialists in finance, corporate governance, change management, sales and marketing, human behavior and communications.  CBA is able to provide a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team in each of these disciplines with as few as two people dedicated to each engagement. Unlike the typical large (and expensive) consulting firms, CBA provides experienced senior people capable of working directly with business owners.

Family businesses place demands on people to participate in a variety of roles – business owner, employee and family member.  Changes in a family firm often shake up previously established patterns of behavior as power, prestige, role definitions and self esteem are altered.  Our consultants are experienced in helping  clients navigate the terrain as they make changes to improve the health and longevity of their businesses.

Examples of our work:

  • Prepare a family member to become the next head of the company. 
  • Identify family members in the business who aren’t pulling their weight and fix the problem. 
  • Prepare the business to take on and integrate professional management into the company. 
  • Help with succession where family conflicts are negatively affecting the business. 
  • Create advisory boards able to contribute valuable experience and expertise to the organization. 


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