Adventure, courage, determination, discovery and sportsmanship – the race is on! Captains and their crews are poised to cross the starting line in a favored position with “clear air”. Throughout  the race adjustments will be made, decisions taken and with good execution the race can be won. A perfect metaphor for the challenge of leadership.

Clearwater Business Advisers

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Leaders and their organizations encounter many challenges in today’s economy — competitive battles, increased costs, margin pressure, and a host of other internal and external forces.

Today’s leaders must be able to take the goals they set for their organizations and turn them into results.

Clearwater Business Advisers has the knowledge and expertise to help bridge the gap between goals and results — creating solid, logical, even bold plans, to achieving operational performance.

An Open Minded Process

We approach our clients’ challenges in a dispassionate, object way. With our ability to listen, preconceived solutions give way to new ideas.

Let's Work Together

We “come alongside” senior executives to help improve operational performance and understanding of the human dynamics in the workplace.

Our Vision

At the heart of Clearwater Business Advisers is our vision to be recognized as the leading trusted advisory consulting firm most admired for its people, partnership and performance. We will realize our vision by:

Building great leaders for our clientsBuilding great companies with our clients Building great co-workersBuilding a legacy of trusted advisory for clients

About Us

Clearwater Business Advisers is the next evolution of The Sigma Group. Sigma was formed over two decades ago by founding partner Dr. Douglass Lind. With a new name and a re-energized vision in 2017, CBA continues to model the values, expertise and reputation for excellence that The Sigma Group exemplified over the years. The firm has administrative headquarters in Tampa, FL with client engagements in major cities nationally.

Our Value Proposition

We help early stage and mid-market companies to the largest corporations in the country build (or recover) operational performance by providing deep expertise in finance, corporate governance, organizational effectiveness, sales and talent management.

Unique among general management consulting firms, our blend of content (functional expertise & advisory) and human dynamics (coaching) is delivered by an integrated team of highly experienced senior executives and subject matter experts. Over the years we have assisted individual executives and companies in industries such as, professional service, start-ups, banking, healthcare, government, logistics, industrials and consumer products.

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