Don Russell

Clearwater Business Advisers, Partner

Don Russell is a partner with Clearwater Business Advisers LLC and a trusted advisor to C Level executives. Don began his career as a commercial lender with National Westminster Bank, USA. For over thirty years, Don was active in investment banking, private equity and merchant banking. Don orchestrated over $7 billion dollars in transactions primarily in the cable television, media and telecommunications space. He also has experience in healthcare, aerospace, oil and gas, and water industries. His years of experience as a board member, investor, deal maker and banker have required him to be a trusted advisor and coach to countless CEO’s, board chair and senior executives in portfolio companies.

Additionally, Don led the cable television and broadcast division of Communications Equity Associates, one of the largest boutique firms serving these industries. He was also President of CEA’s New York subsidiary. Don was Vice President of the International Radio and Television Foundation.  Don has also been the President and CEO of a South American media company, Old UGC Inc., employing in excess of 400 people. Don is currently the Chairman and CEO of Ectero Southwest LLC, a water company providing water to oil and gas companies, as well as municipalities.  He is experienced in leading high performance teams and brings personal, hands-on business leadership experience to each client engagement.

Don’s Extensive Experience Includes: Managing Director of CEA Media Group, LLC (“CEA”) Chairman of the Investment Committee for CEA Capital Partners USA, L.P., a $150 million equity fund since its inception in February 1997 and Member of the Investment Committee of Seaport Capital Partners, II, LP, a $262 million equity fund since its inception in February 2000. Don is currently a director of Fuzzie Buddies, LLC. He is also on the Board of Directors for Lead Like Jesus and is a manager of BOF Earthwater, LLC. Don was lead director of one public company, Aerosonic Corporation, and numerous private companies.

Don has an extensive background of successfully preparing organizations and their leaders for investment and growth and is an expert in creating compelling messages for potential investors. Don has also successfully consulted with senior management in litigation situations.

Don received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Colgate University. He was also elected to the Society of International Business Fellows in 2000.

Don resides in Clearwater, FL and Cullowhee, NC.

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